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I will not follow where the path may lead, but I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail.

-Elizabeth kenny


"If I breeze through a Gallery with pretty photographs without stopping, then nothing really catches my eyes and asks me to stay...


​Bryan Putnam's photographs, have asked me to stick around and commune with them.  I would love to see one of his photographs hanging up on a wall so that I can have an internal conversation that lasts for hours. Bryan sees the beauty in everything through his lens!

A treat for my eyes and soul!  Thank you Bryan!" 

Patricia Roseman, Photographer

"Bryan Putnam's wildlife photography is awe-inspiring. As a wildlife biologist, I have led thousands of people on eco-tours of Greenfield Lake in Wilmington, NC. The images Bryan captures there convey the beautiful, emotional and sometimes spectacularly bizarre qualities of animals that only someone with an imaginative eye, knowledge and patience could see. As a guide, my goal is to find at least one seemingly ordinary thing and share something amazing about it in order to spark a greater appreciation for the natural world. Bryan's work does this. He is incredibly talented with a gift one either has or doesn't. He's got it all. "

Kay LynnHernandez - Biologist

"Bryan's work is simply mesmerizing! He has a connection to and love of his wildlife subjects that comes through the lens like few others can capture."

Heather Harman, Fine Artist & Photographer

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