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in all things of nature there is something of the marvelous



AUDUBON received received almost 9,000 photographs from more than 2,200 individuals from the United States and Canada. Audubon recognizes photographers in categories such as amateur, professional, youth, plants for birds, female birds, video, the Fisher Prize to the photograph with the highest score in originality and artistic merit, and a grand prize.

According to Bryan, “One of my favorite experiences in my time as a photographer was spending time with two fledgling GREEN HERONS on Greenfield Lake last Summer. This moment was magical for me, and ultimately, I was witness to this beauty flying away from the nest for the first time to a nearby tree. The experience is what these photos are all about!”

Cape Fear Living magazine holds an annual photography contest that looks for the best photographs and photographers that capture the Coastal Cape Fear Region. The juror, Matt Ray, and Editor in Chief, Colleen Thompson, chose photographs based on beauty and composition and selections came down to the photographer's unique perspective and diversity in approach. This year’s theme was “Capturing Coastal Carolina Charm.”

Bryan’s response to this thrilling news was, “I was honored with the 2023 Photographer of the Year by Cape Fear Living Magazine! Mostly I am thrilled to see these local critters and their stories continue to get attention!”

Juvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron


In the 2021 BIRD PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR contest, out of 23,000 photos from around the world, submitted by the best of the best, Bryan’s captures of a juvenile black crown night heron and anhinga were chosen for the final round.

Bird Photographer of the Year is the leading bird photography competition. They celebrate the world’s best bird photography, whilst supporting conservation efforts through imagery and financial support.

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