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A lifetime of creating, performing, and observation have led me here. Even as a child I was fascinated with art, wildlife and composition. My eye was always taking in lines and color, and seeing arrangements and connections. I am UTTERLY fascinated with the interconnectedness of all things and how I, we, fit into it. When I shoot, I try to capture these relationships, these moments that drive home that, "for every action there is an equal and


opposite reaction."  Whatever I manage to catch is a nearly undetectable fraction of what this glorious world of ours has to offer. Seeing the world, its peoples, the stunning grandeur of our natural environment... obsession. 

And now working in tandem with local conservation societies to broaden knowledge in the community about our natural world and connections. A dream come true.

A lifetime spent in the theatre as a performer and creator of musicals have oddly left me here... where art, nature, beauty collide and find their way in a single click into all of our worlds... If only for a moment.  - Bryan

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