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Wilmington Wild Cards

Inaugural Set. Greenfield Lake. The Usual Suspects (Digital-only)

Inaugural Set. Greenfield Lake. The Usual Suspects (Digital-only)

This Inaugural Set of Wild Cards features 12 cards of common wildlife found on and around Greenfield Lake in Wilmington, North Carolina. It also includes a map showing locations where these critters are commonly sighted and a BONUS CARD!


Order your digital and interactive set today!!


Each set contains a total of 16 cards" front cover, a table of contents and checklist with a map of Greenfield Lake on back, 12 featured wildlife cards, a special bonus card, and a back cover.


After Purchase Guide

After checkout, you will receive links to download your digital product in the thank you page of the checkout, you will also receive an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

The downloaded PDF can be used offline (not connected to the internet or cellular data network). On the inside of the front cover (second page), you will find a link to access the online/interactive version which requires internet access or cellular data connection to use.


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