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studio rules

  • No smoking or incense in or on the premises.

  • Outside catering is allowed.

  • Studio equipment, furnishings, lighting, plants, or decorative items may not be removed from the studio unless prior permission has been obtained by Sublimina Studio management.

  • Sublimina Studio will be in a clean condition prior to your event. All trash must be collected, properly bagged, and removed by the Client or the caterer and the furniture must be rearranged to where it was upon entry.

  • For artists/art classes, drop cloths or other suitable materials must be put down on tables and floor to prevent damages. If any spills occur, it is up to the Client to clean them up promptly and thoroughly or they will be held accountable for damages

  • Close all windows and turn off all lights before vacating the studio.


  • No nails, screws, staples or penetrating items should be used on our walls, brick or fine wood. Any tape or gummed backing materials must be properly removed and in an extreme case of any wall damage, the card on file will be charged.

  • If circumstances beyond the control of Sublimina Studio force us to cancel your reservation, we will refund all sums paid.             

  • Client agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold Sublimina Studio management, its landlord, building owners, officers, employees, and agents harmless of and from any liabilities, costs, penalties, or expenses arising out of and/or resulting from the rental and use of the premises, including but not limited to, the personal guarantee of provision, service, and dispensing of payment by client, its employees, and agents of alcoholic beverages at Sublimina Studio.

  • Upon arrival, please take note of anything that is damaged or not working properly and notify Sublimina Studio management IMMEDIATELY so we can rectify the situation and so that you will not be held accountable.

  • Do not attempt to move large table. If you need it relocated, contact Sublimina Studio.

  • Any equipment that is rented must stay in the studio unless written permission is given by Sublimina Studio management. 

  • Rented equipment must be left in good working order or the card on file will be charged for damages.

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