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In GO GO VO – Level 1 you will …

Begin your journey as a voice artist by learning to: 

  • Interpret scripts and read between the lines to stand out to casting directors

  • Create interesting vocal performances and characters

  • Make your voice auditions stand out 

  • Discover what is unique about your individual voice and what kind of work is best for you

  • Deliver interesting performances which don’t sound like you are just reading a copy

  • Focus your talents to book work in audiobooks, commercials, videogames and cartoons  


THEN go from artist to business by learning:

  • All the types of voiceover opportunities available to you (many you didn’t even know existed!)

  • How to use software to edit and mix your auditions

  • How to build or create your home studio

  • What equipment will be best suited for your unique voice and recording space

  • Where to market your unique sound

  • from local and national agents to online platforms

  • How to make your first VO Demo to advertise your talents and stand apart from the crowd 

By the end of this class series, you will know exactly how to start making money in your unique chosen area of voiceover! 

THEN you will have a one-on-one in-studio session to test your skills!   

About your instructor: 

Brent Schraff has worked in voiceover industry for over 15 years for companies like Pixar, Disney, Audible, PGA Tour, HBO, LeapFrog, Nascar, Cartoon Network, Exxon, Merk, WealthFront, Yamaha, BitWise, Cisco, GTA, NerdWallet, Carl’s Jr., Sizzler to name just a few.   

His promo work includes voicing the syndication of: Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Smallville, One Tree Hill, Friends, Seinfeld.   

He has voiced dozens of videogames and animated characters, produced 30+ audiobooks, and is a preferred vendor for Audible.   

He currently has spots running for Chevy, Visa, Skechers, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Nintendo, Pfeizer and Michigan State University.  When not behind the mic himself he is currently busy casting and directing new local voiceover artists for a 90-book interactive audio series for the new company! As well as coaching multiple talented and rising voiceover artists! 

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